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I.A.M. Values...

The IAM promotes several core values that should inspire all members of the school.
The following are the values to be applied during all school activities and which may subsequently become an example of "lifestyle" for all members ...



  • PERSEVERANCE                        

It is these values that easily attract people to come try one of the courses at the Institute and which make the learning experience of Martial Arts so nice ...


All members of the Institute must excercise respect towards all of the people around them.  This applies both during lessons and activities of the Institute, and in the personnal lives of the school members.
Respect is the foundation of martial arts and as well as in everyday life and it begins with respect for oneself.

Each member must remain, in their behavior actions and gestures, who and what they are and should strive to improve this behavior within the rules and values ​​of the Institute.


In the practice of the martial arts, the control represents several goals that everyone should aspire to achieve:
  • Emotional control
  • Control of the body
  • Control of the techniques


At school and in life, there will always be difficulties and obstacles on the path that leads to a goal ... The Institute advocates to everyone to always persevere to arrive at one's goal. 

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