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Upcoming I.A.M. Tournaments:

The I.A.M. organizes Martial Arts tournaments that include Kata and fighting competitions.
With the current situation of COVID-19, the next tournament organized by the I.A.M. will be held at a later date, when the community health situation allows. You can come back regularly to visit our website for updates on our tournament. We hope to see you there!

Participation results from previous Tournaments.

Students of the I.A.M. actively participate in various tournaments of I.A.M. and several
other tournaments outside the school ... This section will give you some of the I.A.M. student results from these tournaments.

November 9, 2019:   IAM Challenge Tournament
Comments from Master Morency:
"Many thanks to everybody for your help (INT.& EXT.), participation, judging, table control, etc.. You are part of the reasons of the success and the quality of the event!


Master Hervé Morency   -I.A.M.-
May 25, 2019:   IAM Challenge Tournament  
Comments from Master Morency:
"MANY THANKS to all the differents groups that have greatly contributed to the  success of last Saturday tournament ( Volunteers, IAM students, students from other associations, referees, judges, table controllers...)


Master Hervé Morency (I.A.M. Laval)"


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